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She wasn’t scared of depression. She thought she was. Her reaction was proof of the fact but she was wrong. I should’ve stayed in hiding, I thought. I should’ve continued my self-imposed sabbatical from old flames, lovers, and friends alike. But I hadn’t. I’d decided it was time to catch…


Photo by Calvin Lupiya on Unsplash (Edited by Author)

I hate greeting people. It’s a simple act. You stop, look someone in the eye, acknowledge them for a second, ask them about their day — most times without caring about their answer— and then move on with your life. Easy peasy.

But not in my culture.

Where I come…

Photo by Bestbe Models from Pexels

“There is more than one kind of freedom. ‘Freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’.” — Aunt Lydia, The handmaid’s tale

“How does she do that?” I wondered. “Who gave her permission to play like this? To jump from image to image. To lie and then quickly admit that she was lying…

Photo by Dids from Pexels. (Edited by Author)

“You’ll have to take drugs for the rest of your life,” he said.

I read everything under the sun — everything depression-related. I wanted to prove him wrong. My psychiatrist had told me I’d live this way my whole life. That this ‘thing’ runs in my family. …

Assumpta Nalubowa

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